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Advice on life from the (Catholic) front lines

An Irish acquaintance of mine (who may or may not have been in the IRA for a time) once gave this solid advice.  By a “sip” he means a sip of whiskey or other bolstering beverage.


  1. Get disciplined in small things.  It’s the small things that will allow you to have discipline in bigger things.
  2. Always keep presence of mind in everything you do. And always do a task for a reason, and with economy of motion. Be determined.
  3. Set realistic goals.  Always complete what you set as a goal. If you fail, make sure you suffer consequences. You need to work your way up to failure not being an option.
  4. Never beat yourself up. Shit happens. Mistakes are made.  You want to be able to learn from mistakes now so when the time comes you don’t choke and are killed or swindled or lose when it counts.  Quickly have a sip. Breathe and do it properly and successfully.
  5. Everyday look at yourself in the mirror. Not while you are getting spruced up.  Set a time aside and sit or stand and look at yourself in a mirror start to see if you can do 5 minutes. Your face is the face that meets the enemy and your future wife. God gave you your face for a reason. Study it not as a narcissistic freak, but to closely be aware of what your enemy, and by extension your future wife will face.  I can’t stress this enough to build confidence.
  6. For concentration you must control distractions first.  Second will come your mind and unwanted thoughts.  Prayer.  And pray with discomfort. Pain is your friend. Rather then praying the rosary sitting on a loser’s cushion get on your knees on some hard floor, keep a straight back, pray until you buckle. Help yourself up, have a sip, shake it off. Feel the pain. That pain is nothing compared to what CHRIST went through for you.1
  7. Repeat the above. Consistently. It won’t be easy. Nothing worth it is. You can do it.
Avoid lassies other then a pinch for a purpose. When u start doing things right and start getting yourself together spiritually and physically and mentally Satan will send lassies and ones you find tasty out to snare your soul.  Don’t fall for it.  It’s his oldest trick in the book!!


  1. Ed.: If that’s too easy, kneel on one or both of your hands as you say the Rosary.  I guarantee this will up the challenge.
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