Dedicatio Major:  The Blessed Virgin Mary
Dedicatio Minor: St. Michael the Archangel

To the Benedictines who taught me how to pray
To the Jesuits who taught me how to think
To the FSSP and the SSPX who taught me how to be Catholic

This is a site dedicated to philosophy (and theology).  It is written from the perspective of both Traditional Catholicism and Platonism.

There are two areas:

  1. The Blog and its entries
  2. Collections, which are long form essays

The Blog contains musings or items of current interest, while the Collections are an attempt to share philosophical thoughts both to educate and to stimulate thoughts in others.

All the writings here are believed to be in accordance with Catholic teaching, however nothing on this site has been granted a Nihil Obstat or Imprimatur, so caveat lector.  For questions that require moral certitude, please ask your Pastor or Ordinary as they have the authority to answer such questions.

Furthermore, I shall take Agrippa’s disclaimer as my own:

But I know not whether it be an unpardonable presumption in me, that I, a man of so little judgement and learning, should … so confidently set upon a business so difficult, so hard, and intricate as this is. Wherefore, whatsoever things have here already, and shall afterward be said by me, I would not have any one assent to them, nor shall I my self, any further then they shall be approved of by the Universall Church, and the Congregation of the Faithfull.


Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa – De Occulta Philosophia libri III


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