Dealing with calumny and detraction


At some time in all of our lives we are the subject of some kind of gossip, usually in the form of either calumny or detraction.  If one is more public facing, it gets even worse.  Besides the basic rumor monger who gets pleasure from gossiping, there are those with agendas who would try to destroy our reputations.  What to do about this? One of the best things I have ever read on this topic was...



On this feast day of St. Augustine I would like to say something about patrimony and why it is important.  For traditionalists, we take that which was done before us, build upon it, and hand it down to the next generation.  We respect our ancestors for the work they have done to the best of their ability, and we lovingingly give our work to our children as an inheritance.  The fact that St...

My Brother Is An Ass


St. Francis of Assisi, one of my favorite saints, used to refer to his body as "Brother Ass."  The reason he did this was that he believed the body was meant to be treated ascetically, giving it only the bare minimum required for physical service, such as would be given a lowly donkey that was employed as a beast of burden.  He would feed it the bare minimum needed for nutrition, and he would...